Securing Our Future

Chuck understands how important it is that every child has an opportunity for a quality education. Unfortunately, legislatures over the last 20+ years have consistently under-funded our public schools, leaving teachers and local tax payers to pick up the slack. By responsibly steering state funds in a manner that fully funds our public schools and holds local administration accountable for state funds, Chuck believes that Texas could have the best schools in the nation and lighten the burden on local property taxes. Our students and our teachers deserve nothing less.

Of course, no discussion on public education policy is complete without a strong commitment to keeping the promises made to our retired teachers. Chuck supports codifying an annual cost of living adjustment for retired teachers and safeguarding the current Teacher Retirement System.

Healthy Texans are happy Texans

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. Cancer is second. Early detection of these problems is critical to improving the lives of all Texans.  

By refusing to expand Medicaid, Texas is leaving our own money on the table. Expanding Medicaid will allow Texans to bring federal dollars home and benefit from improved healthcare, and lower costs. Improved access to preventative health care will help Texans live longer, healthier lives.

Abortion is healthcare. The recent actions by the Texas Legislature show that Republicans consider women to be second-class citizens, incapable of making their own decisions about their bodies. The right to abortion must be codified into law.

Voting Rights
reverse blatantly discriminatory legislation & maps

Thanks to a long history of evil voting laws, Texas spent decades under preclearance rules- rules intended to ensure equal voting access for all citizens.

As soon as the preclearance requirement was removed, Texas Republicans went back to the old tricks of gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement. Chuck supports efforts to make ballot access more easily accessible for all Texans eligible, and removing recent barriers put in place for voting by mail.

Redistricting should be under the authority of a non-partisan commission, with explicit requirement to *prove* the non-discriminatory nature of new maps- precisely because Republicans have shown, time and again, that they cannot be trusted to act in the interest of ALL citizens of Texas.

Chuck supports modernizing registration with online voter registration, because it’s 2024, not 1984. Our current paper system is costly, outdated, and unnecessarily difficult.

equal rights under the law

Y’all means all. Chuck supports efforts to codify non-discrimination ordinances in the state of Texas, and standing up against those who wish to scapegoat Texans for political gain.

The Establishment Clause is the First Part of the First Amendment for a reason- there can be no Freedom of Religion without Freedom From State Religion. Chuck supports the Establishment Clause by firmly opposing any and all attempts to establish a state religion.

Transition to sustainable energy, fix the grid

Texas has an abundance of renewable energy sources, and has the potential to become a net exporter of sustainable energy. During winter storm Uri in February of 2021, we saw what happened when the poorly managed, outdated fossil fuel energy sources failed us. Hundreds of Texans died needlessly, and Greg Abbott and his buddies profited billions. We need a robust power grid based on a sustainable, endless supply of energy.

As a Chemical Engineer, Chuck spent years making plants more energy-efficient and reducing the pollution they generate. He has the experience and knowledge necessary to craft legislation to make Texas the leader in clean, renewable energy.

Petrochemical regulation enforcement & harsher punishments

The petrochemical industry provides America with amazing products that truly make our lives better; however, industry leaders often focus too much on profit and not enough on the health and safety of their employees and surrounding communities.

First, we need REAL enforcement of existing regulations, not paltry fines. Then, we need to increase reporting requirements for mechanical integrity inspections. Finally, industrial negligence resulting in injury or death should carry criminal penalties for those responsible.

Having spent over a decade in the industry, Chuck has the experience and knowledge necessary to craft legislation to make our plants safer and cleaner, for the facility workers and the nearby neighborhoods, where parents raise their children and small business owners serve their community.

complete decriminalization & legalization of all derivatives

Cannabis laws were enacted specifically to be selectively enforced. Cannabis use is consistent across all demographics; meanwhile, laws prohibiting cannabis use are disproportionately enforced against minorities.

Enforcement of cannabis prohibition is even less effective and considerably more harmful than the ill-conceived and short-lived laws regarding alcohol Prohibition.

Legalization and taxation of cannabis and cannabis-derived products would contribute billions in new revenue. Those CannaBillions should be used to improve school funding and expand healthcare across Texas.